Kuwait Dairy Co. has become one of the most prominent companies in the region, specializing in the processing and marketing of fresh dairy products. Being Present in the market Since 1960, KDC made a tremendous contribution to the dairy Industry by constantly introducing various and new lines of products through the most modern technology and latest production facilities. The leadership, teamwork and commitment to high quality and customer service have greatly contributed to the company's success.

Our dairy products include fresh pasteurized milk, Flavored milk, Laban, Yoghurt, Breakfast Cream, Labneh, Cheese, Butter, UHT long-life products and a wide range of Ice cream products made from 100% fresh milk. In support to our broad product line, KDC has Fruit Juices to further entertain our customer. KDC plant covers an area of around 10,000 square meters and our current daily production capacity around 131,000 which will rise to 200,000 Liters .

The company currently have a workforce of 630 employees, ranging from engineers, technicians, and salesmen who are highly qualified and trained on the latest methods and techniques.

Since June 2000, the company has introduced a new brand name "kd cow" and re-packaged all dairy products to better serve consumers demands. In addition, a screw cap was added to all one liter and half liter packages for easier usage and enhanced storage capabilities.

Nowadays, kd cow products are enjoying a great market share among it's competitors and in particular, a 50% market share among the fresh milk category. In addition, it is looking forward to expand its product range to offer consumers a basket full of nutritious products that are made from 100% fresh milk.


We need a minimum of 5.000 KD order to be eligible for free delivery.