Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to actively participate and become a premier player in the rapidly growing market in Gulf & the middle-east & in the segment where the company provides health products to the local economies.

Mission Statement:

House of Fresh Milk

KDCOW aims to be a world class organization that has professional, motivated and well trained "Customer Focused" employees that leads the business to the top of success. Moreover, KDCOW long-term strategic expansion is planned for all over the world.

Employees & Culture

We encourage participation, motivate our employees to work as a team by raising the level of technical skill, and provide all the optimal and appropriate work environment and attention to quality  conditions. By demanding the highest level of our suppliers and ourselves and the development of our customers and anticipate and meet their needs.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to offer a total and complete solution to our clients by adding new products to our current lines of businesses and expand our support regionally to reach our clients' needs.


KDCOW is one of the largest & the most technically sophisticated plant in Kuwait. The plant is designed to produce high quality Ice cream, Dairy, Juice & related products. All the products are manufactured under fully automated processing and packaging to ensure the highest quality. The company has introduced the UHT products in Kuwait, which ensures the highest possible preservation of nutritional values with an added advantage validity without any preservatives being added.

Quality Assurance

Through continuous research and the desire to strive for quality products, KDCOW manufactures its products using some the latest technology, and the most sophisticated tools available. State of the testing labs, as well as highly competent employees ensure that quality is never compromised and our status of market leader in the Food Industry is constantly maintained and built upon. KDCOW believes in following strict quality assurance programs at all levels. Through methods of preventive management, KDCOW quality department tests out all possible scenarios that could result in a negative consumer response or recurrence of problems. Our skilled employees at the quality department ensure that the quality assurance program is implemented in letter and spirit. We conduct inspections at three stages of production: incoming, online as well as final inspection to ensure the highest degree of quality possible. A state of the labs ensures incorporated with the latest technology in quality testing helps us maintain this high standard of quality.

Research & Development

Our research methodology relies on in-depth Local and International market surveys. Innovative ideas are tested for practicality by sampling products and specific segments of consumers within the market. Product development is parallel to research conducted through various tests within the market resulting in a positive feedback at the time of product launching. Exhaustive laboratory tests ensure that the products are not only safe for consumption but also create customer appeal through unique blends of flavors, colors, and packing. Market surveys are conducted not only to see responses to sample products within the target market, but also to gain insight into new or changing market trends. The results of this ensure KDCOW that existing and new products will be a level above our competitors while a strict level of quality for customer satisfaction is maintained.

Packaging & Logistics

KDCOW also places a lot of emphasis on the quality of packaging for safety and convenience of its products. The packaging is carried out on modern equipment using specialized paper which has seven layers of aluminum laminate and polyethylene lining. These packs are completely sealed and will protect the products from any external environmental effects and will remain sterile for a period of at least six months. KDCOW has its own services & solutions oriented logistics department for the coordination goods, raw material & packing material entering the production & the distribution of finish goods to the customer. KDCOW warehousing operation are based on a global logistics system, inbound & outbound logistics, stores management with the latest technologies, performance indicators & after market logistics. Dealing essentially with KDCOW logistics gives strategic solutions for leverage logistics & delivers the whole range of design, monitoring & execution management of the distribution progress with a real concern for customer satisfaction through creativity of the flow of the supply chain.

Sales & Marketing

The Company employs highly talented, experienced and professional individuals in the Marketing, Sales and Distribution and Export department. These employees come from a mix of different nationalities to make the organization highly cosmopolitan. The export sales has shown significant growth over the years confirming that KDCOW has gained as high a reputation regionally as it has in Kuwait. In addition the company is supported by a well-knit support service by various other departments such as Accounts, Information Systems Departments, Administration, Personnel, Maintenance, Garage etc. which contributes to the efficient functioning of the organization.


We need a minimum of 5.000 KD order to be eligible for free delivery.